Thursday, 17 December 2009


Okay, I really was going to try and find a lively word but I was so struck by this that I had to choose it instead:

gralloch n a deer's entrails vt to disembowel (deer). [Origin from Gaelic grealach] Chambers, 1998

Reading up about deer's entrails led me to this article on, an American knife website. It tells you how best to go about handling your deer after you've killed it. My favourite crossheads in the article are "Deer is Just Like a Big Rabbit" and "Save the Heart and the Liver". Also they have a free monthly Knife Giveaway! Am now wondering if I shouldn't have tried to look at 100 strange websites I never realised existed instead of trying to pick words.

Still, I like the sound of it - gralloch.

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