Friday, 22 January 2010


I'm going to find an everyday use for this word so help me:

turbary n the right to take peat from another's ground; a palce where peat is dug. [Origin from late Latin turbaria, from turba turf; of Germanic origin]

Nice to see some of the ol' late Latin making an appearance. In my head it's what's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats was to The Waste Land. No less revered and important, but an entirely different kettle of - well - cats. (Or peat.)


  1. I love this blog - I now use curmurring everytime I speak to my dad.

    In an horrific double etymological pun, you could visit a fan convention of The Who, Babyshambles or New Order, listen to the unalloyed praise for their heroes and then express concern at this being nothing but a turbary (dig ... Pete ... I'll get me coat).

    On the Old Possum / Waste Land note and a bit of shameless cross-promotion:

  2. Shameless cross-promotion welcomed - Tough Shit Eliot indeed!