Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Another grand Scottish word:

kippage (Scot) n a state of displeasure or anger. [Origin from French équipage, probably from Old Norse skipa to set in order, and skip a ship; partly influenced by confusion with Latin equus a horse] Chambers, 1998

I'd say this snow's putting everyone into a right kippage at the moment. We should be rumbustious instead while it lasts!

EDIT: The noble gentleman @simonholmes has tweeted his disappointment that kippage is nothing to do with having a kip. I agree, actually, so have suggested to twitter that we change its meaning to "nap" permanently. Oh dear. This has all the makings of a dysfunctional Facebook group.


  1. ooh, a chance to deploy a factoid i know! a 'kip' is a weight measurement for opium. just off for a kip = just off for a snooze the length of a dose of opium. keep up the good work ms williams.

  2. Aha - splendid, thank you! Though kippage sounds like it should be associated with a different drug in that case, if it's angry-making!