Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Well, well, well - day 99 of the 100 days project. How strange to be coming to the end of it. As such, I've tried to pick a word that I felt had some weight to it, something with great universal meaning that could be absorbed into our emotional makeup and give a new insight into our characters. Handpicked from the dictionary just for you, here's the 99th offering:

dalmahoy n a bushy bob-wig worn in the 18c. [Said to be named from a wearer.] Chambers, 1998

Whose life isn't a little richer for knowing that the word "dalmahoy" exists, eh?

For anyone interested, end of project celebrations and an exhibition are being held tomorrow night:

100 Days To Make Me A Better Person with Josie Long
Weds 10th March 2010
7pm £12 on the door

Work Dalston
Stamford Works
Gillett Street
London N16 8JH

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